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Students are examined in a variety of ways including formal exams, controlled assessment, practical exams, coursework, and oral exams.

We hope that the information provided below can answer all of your queries about examinations at Winterbourne Academy.  However, if you have a query regarding exams that isn't explained below, please do not hesitate to contact the Exams Team:

Telephone:  01454 822156 / 822104 or contact main reception on 01454 252000






 A Level Results Day Letter 2021

 GCSE Results Day Letter 2021

How GCSE, A Levels, Vocational and Technical qualifications will be awarded in summer 2021

Teacher Assessed Grades (TAG) Policy

Olympus Trust Letter - 18/03/21

Olympus Trust Letter - 08/03/21

 Olympus Students - TAG Letter 05/03/21




In-Class Mini Assessments for GCSE / A Level - 2021

Please see below an overview of both GCSE and A Level in-class mini assessments scheduled.  Please be aware this is a full overview and therefore includes dates for all classes.  This means that for each individual student, not all of the dates are relevant.  For example, there are 20 dates for GCSE Biology relating to a total of 11 different classes, but each child and class will only have 3 GCSE Biology assessments each.   Be assured that teachers will inform students which dates apply to their class; the broad order of topics and planned assessment weeks are apparent on the spreadsheet and the class codes are also visible. In the meantime, if there is any unexpected disruption to provision, precise dates will be open to change in order to ensure that students have been properly prepared. 

It is important to note that students will be provided with in-depth detail of what will be included in each assessment by teachers in the lessons prior to the assessment. Students are using class time to revisit content, perfect exam skills and become fully prepared for each assessment; they will not be assessed on anything that has not been taught previously and ample time for preparation will be factored in.   Revision at home for each assessment should be narrowed to precise topics communicated by teachers. 

We encourage students to speak with their classroom teachers if they have any concerns or worries about content coverage and confidence levels.  

Whilst we appreciate students may feel anxious we assure you that students will be well supported throughout the process and at it is our priority to ensure no students are disadvantaged and the process is fair.  

The Quality of Education Team


 Letter from Mr Peake with changes to Assessment schedule - 24/06/21

Year 10 End of Year Assessments - 05/07 to 16/07

KS4 Assessment Schedule
Monday 29th March - Thursday 27th May 2021

KS5 Assessment Schedule
Thursday 25th March to Wednesday 26th May 2021

20/2021 Key Exam Dates 

Year 10 Assessment Timetable - June/July 2021

Year 12 Assessment Timetable - June/July 2021

 KS4 Assessment Schedule
Monday 29th March - Thursday 27th May 2021

KS5 Assessment Schedule
Thursday 25th March to Wednesday 26th May 2021


Post Results Appeals

  • The Appeals Process can be found below:

JCQ Guidance for Students and Parents - Summer 2021

JCQ Appeals Guidance Summer 2021 - Appendix B

Collecting Exam Certificates

  • Certification Collection Events will be arranged for Year 11 & Year 13 Class of 2019-2020 in January 2021. Please check the website for details and we will be emailing all students to invite them to these events, please be aware that the certificates will not be available for collection before this date.
  • Adhoc Collection of Certificates will take place at various time during the year, please check the website for details. You will need to make a booking with the Exams Office prior to collecting certificates, please do not ask for certificates unless you have made a booking.
  • What you need to bring – for both events, if you are collecting your certificate in person, you will need to bring a form of photographic identification. If someone is collecting the certificates on your behalf, they will need to bring a letter from you giving them permission to collect the certificates and their own photographic identification.
  • Retention of Certificates, the JCQ have advised that the schools do not have to keep certificates for more than 12 months from date of issue. After this point certificates can be destroyed.
  • Replacement of Certificates, the school will not replace lost certificates. In these cases, please contact the relevant Awarding Body – AQA, Pearson/Edexcel, OCR or WJEC. Currently the cost of one certificate is approximately £50, so please store them in a secure place. You will need them for college, university and job applications.

Winterbourne Academy Exam Rules and Regulations

JCQ Guidance

Exam Boards

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