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Introducing the Winterbourne Academy Reading Passport

We are proud to launch the Winterbourne Literary Canon through our Reading Passport for all key stages.  The texts recommended in the passport give students a delightful range of genre, cultural experience and time period.  There is also an exciting mixture of non-fiction texts included.  Text choices have been selected from classic children's literature, as well as introducing older children to the adult classics. In addition, many of the choices are drawn from highly acclaimed young adult fiction, which comment on contemporary themes and worldly issues.  Many students have reported how much they are enjoying their reading choices and can be over-heard discussing their reading with their friends and peers.  The choices on the passport vary in terms of difficulty and age range as students move through the passport.

Homework in KS3 English now involves reading a minimum of 1 book from the passport per term and gaining a signature to verify this from parents/ carers.  The added challenge is that we want all students to read 16 of these books before they turn 16.  Importantly, the texts often link in style, genre or subject matter to the novels being read in tutor time, so students are further inspired to make a choice from the passport.  This means we can take a joined up approach to reading at Winterbourne Academy.


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