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Literacy and Numeracy Funding

The Department for Education provides additional funding to schools for each Year 7 student who has not achieved a Level 4 in Reading and/or Mathematics at Key Stage 2.

All state funded schools receive an additional £500 for each Year 7 student who is eligible for the funding based on their Key Stage 2 levels.

The funding is to enable schools to provide additional support to students who are admitted to secondary school with a lower starting point.

We use the funding to provide extra Mathematics and English lessons. Additional staffing at Year 7 within the curriculum allows students to be taught in ability sets in Mathematics which enables the classroom teacher to target students’ abilities and in turns allows them to make rapid progression in their first year. This has proven to be a successful way in embedding the key skills that are needed to allow the rapid progression throughout the key stage.

In English, students are taught in mixed ability groups. There are 12 English groups with Year 7 students also undertaking the Accelerated Reader programme.

In addition, a Teaching Assistant (TA) supports students eligible for the Funding Premium in English and Mathematics. In Mathematics, the dedicated TA works in both sets that contain targeted students, jointly planning for lessons and teaching these students with the class teacher.

For the funding premium students we also offer an information evening each year for parents. The TA also works on providing additional assessment and feedback to the teacher and students on the progress of students relating to the skills that are most crucial for success in maths.  For more information on Pupil Premium, please click HERE