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Year 7 Transition Questionnaire

People, Places and Me - Parent and Carer Questionnaire

During the lockdown earlier in 2020, secondary schools in the Olympus Academy Trust produced some Transition Challenges for children in Year 6 to do at home.  Now they are in Year 7, we have used what they did and have built on that in their first term with us.

We are very keen to learn about what our Year 7 parents/carers thought of the challenges and how [SHORTSTUDENTNAME] found doing them.  We have a questionnaire that is designed to help us find out and we hope you can spare a few minutes to let us know your thoughts.  We will use this information to help plan for future years.

Please click on the link below to access the questionnaire:



Please answer the questions and, where you are invited to write an answer, please write as much as you wish.