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Online learning

Where a larger group of students have been told to self-isolate by the school and there is a partial/full closure of a year group, students in KS4 and KS5 are to receive live sessions, which will supplement the online learning set via Class ChartsLive sessions will only take place during their timetabled lessons.  

Teachers will be available for the duration of all timetabled lessons to answer questions online as an when they arise.  Unless already delivering a live session, Class Charts is the suggested platform for doing this.

We will continue to evaluate and make adjustments to home learning based on feedback from students, parents/carers, regarding the quality and success of our provision.

All work will be set via Class Charts.  Should your son/daughter not have access to the online platform and/or their school email account, please contact



Key Stage Three Remote Learning - September 2021

For students unable to attend lessons in school due to COVID 19, please see the following attachment

KS3 Remote Learning updated 23.03.2022


Behaviour and Expectations

  • All lessons are recorded to monitor behaviour and interactions online for safeguarding. Therefore, students should be aware that their behaviour is being monitored and can be referred back to if needed.
  • Students should not attend a Teams live session until the appropriate start time.
  • They should not share their screen at any time, unless they are asked to do so.
  • They should mute their calls on arrival and they should remain muted throughout the call.
  • The chat function is only to be used when instructed by the member of staff and should only be used for answering and asking questions. It is not a social tool.
  • If any students disrupts the lesson, they will be removed from the call and their behaviour will be logged on SIMS. Members of staff have been instructed to contact home to inform parents, as this may involve a ban or a consequence on their return to school.
  • Personal safety online - a reminder:
    • Students should not use / share any personal social media accounts; email addresses or phone numbers when contacting students.
    • All calls should take place in a public space e.g. lounge/dining room and should not take place in bedrooms.
    • All backgrounds during calls should be appropriate
    • Appropriate clothing should be worn at all times
    • Students should always use their school email account when contacting staff.
    • They should ensure that they read and follow the protocols within the ICT Acceptable Use Policy and Data Protection Policy
    • Ensure that they are logged into Teams via Google Chrome.
  • Remember: One to one video calling between one teacher and one student/child should never take place unless absolutely necessary, e.g. SEN tutorials. In these cases, all calls must be recorded.



Safeguarding continues to be our number one consideration. We will all continue to monitor and support students who are isolating or absent from school. Everyone should continue to report any concerns to their Head of Year or to the Designated Safeguarding Lead, Mr Mogford. 

Great care and consideration has been given to the online platforms and ways of communicating we are using to support students’ learning in order to keep teaching staff and students safe. There are strict protocols that we expect everyone to follow as a result.

We must continue to be aware of the dangers of peer on peer abuse. It is likely that, given the increased amount of time students are spending online that we are particularly vigilant about the risks of grooming.


It is important that we support students to consider their mental health and wellbeing.

We are acutely aware that young people may find the separation from the routine of school and being isolated from their friends difficult. Our students will have had very different experiences of lockdown and will need support and care from us while they are at home and when they return.

Our pastoral care for our students continues while we are apart and the communications that students have with their tutor or key contact are an opportunity to share worries and anxieties, or talk about something that is on their mind and want to talk.

If a student has any safeguarding concern during an online lesson, they should be immediately tell their parent(s)/carer(s) and then should contact their Head of Year or the Designated Safeguarding Lead, Mr Mogford.


Practical tips or advice for working online

  1. We recommend Chrome as a reliable platform in which to launch MS Teams.
  2. Ensure you have the right equipment for each lesson and the resources.
  3. Ensure you have a quiet space to learn
  4. Check the instructions on SMHW each day
  5. Ensure the camera angle is straight ahead, stable and focused on head and shoulders. Ensure that there is a clear background behind you with no inappropriate or unwanted imagery.
  6. Ensure you will not be interrupted inappropriately by other family members. We appreciate that this might be difficult.
  7. Ensure that your language is always appropriate, this may include any other adults or children in the vicinity.
  8. Ensure you wear suitable clothing. Remember that you are visible at all times – easily forgotten on video calls.
  9. Be ready to answer questions and join in


Expected Home Learning Provision

Key Stage 3

Five hours remote learning per day, including

  • One Assembly per week (pre-recorded)
  • One hour of PSHE per fortnight (pre-recorded)
  • OAK curriculum map for all available subjects if applicable
  • 15mins of Guided Reading each day
  • Feedback each week from teachers (can be generic)
  • Teachers may to deliver live sessions within KS3 for approximately 50% of timetabled lessons. These will be publicised in advance via Show My Homework.


Key Stage 4

Five hours remote learning per day, including

  • Live sessions for all timetabled lesson (supported by online tasks shared with prior notice)
  • One Assembly per week (pre-recorded)
  • One hour of PSHE per fortnight (pre-recorded)
  • Feedback each week from teachers (can be generic)


Key Stage 5

  • Live sessions for all timetabled lesson (supported by online tasks shared with prior notice)
  • PSHEE/Careers activities every fortnight (online)
  • One Assembly per week (pre-recorded)
  • Feedback each week from teachers (can be generic)
  • Lesson plans/PowerPoints to be accessible to students before or after every normal timetabled lesson.


Some key things to know

  • A live lesson does not mean an hour of live broadcast to students. A lesson may be as short as 10 minutes at times to set up an independent tasks.  At other times it may be 20, 30, 40 minutes – or even the whole hour – depending on what has been planned.  Student practice of skills is key and does not have to be marked – feedback can be given when students share answers/ extracts in that lesson or the following lesson where verbal feedback is provided to help shape their next steps.
  • Our lesson timings for the period of lockdown they are:

P1        8.30 – 9.30am

P2        9.30 – 10.30am

P3        10.50 – 11.50am

P4        12.50 – 1.45pm

P5        1.45 – 2.40pm   

This gives a clear hour for lunch away from the screen.  Lessons should finish at least five minutes before the next starts in order to allow students to organise themselves.

  • Student levels of engagement is tracked weekly, with consideration given to their recorded attendance at live lessons.

Useful Information

If you need an Office365 Username or Password (used for accessing your school emails and Microsoft Teams) please email

Olympus Parent/Carer Remote Learning Tips and Guidance - February 2021

Winterbourne Academy Remote Learning Strategy - January 2021

Accessing school email & live lessons - Year 7 Guidance

this is only for individual students who are self-isolating, not class bubbles or whole year
groups, who will receive home learning via SMHW and Teams

Student Guide to 'Live' Remote Learning

How to access SMHW and Office 365 via your Playstation

 Letters Home

- Year 7 Programme of Study

- Year 8 Programme of Study

- Year 9 Programme of Study

- Year 10 Programme of Study

- Year 12 Programme of Study

 Update:  03/04/2020

 How to Access Online Learning


Log In | Microsoft Teams

Sign in now to chat, meet, call, and collaborate all in one place. Learn how to create and manage teams and channels, schedule a meeting, turn on language translations, and share files. Learn how to transition from a chat to a call for deeper collaboration, manage calendar invites, join a meeting ...



If you still have difficulty accessing Remote Desktop, please email  

Please include screen shots of any pop up messages and explain your problem as clear as possibly.  This is for Remote Desktop IT support only


Email is our preferred method of contact, however, if your query is urgent, please contact our parent/student helpline 01454 822108.  Please bear in mind that we have limited staff in the office so it may take a little time for them to answer your query.


HOME LEARNING GUIDANCE: Letter to parents/carers 23/03/2020

If you have any questions about online learning links which are not answered below, please contact the Data Office on 01454 822148 or

Remote Desktop Access

By using this technology teachers and students will be able to securely access their desktop environment from any location and on most devices that are connected to the internet.
Requirements to access the Remote Desk system:
• PC, Laptop or Mac
• Internet Explorer/Microsoft Remote Desktop (free to download)
• An Internet connection
• That’s it!

How do I Use Remote Desktop system?

 Log in using your username and password by clicking the following link:
• When entered for the first time eg. on a home device you will see a message asking you to allow a Microsoft add-on/plugin – this is normal and what you should expect to see.
• Depending on your device you may be asked for you username and password again.
• Once connected just click on the WIA Desktop icon
If you are asked to login a second time, or are having issues, try adding Learning\ before your username

PC Remote Desktop Access - video instructions


Accessing the Remote Desktop using a MAC:

Download and install the Microsoft Remote Desktop app

Load the app and click the + icon to add a new 'workspace'

Type in: and click add

Load the WIA workspace and use your school computer login details to gain access

MAC Remote Desktop Access - video instructions


Show My Homework


The majority of homework at Winterbourne Academy is set and uploaded to 'Show My Homework'.  Please click the icon below for further information



Hegarty Maths





The Science Department use the Seneca to aid their home learning.   Instructions on how to join this free resource can be found by clicking the image below


Integra Home Learning

Integra Schools and South Gloucestershire Council are pleased to launch a new online resource to support parents, carers and teachers. This resource brings together a range of free and easy to access online activities and learning for children of all ages, and is clearly grouped into subjects and topics, such as English and Maths. 

They hope to develop this resource over time, creating a valuable tool for parents, as well as teachers to use when normal school attendance is disrupted.


Show My Homework