Winterbourne Academy

Our Team

From September 2021

Senior Leadership  Team

Mr Jason Beardmore – Headteacher


Mrs Jenny Cartwright - Senior Deputy Headteacher, Quality of Education


Mrs Andrea William-Jones – Assistant Headteacher, KS3


 Mr Charlie Peake – Assistant Headteacher, KS4


 Miss Danielle Jolosa - Assistant Headteacher, KS5


Mr Kieran Mogford – Acting Deputy Headteacher, Inclusion/SEN
Designated Safeguarding Lead


Mrs Tracy Cheesbrough – Assistant Headteacher, Personal Development and Exams  



        Miss Amy Marshall – PA to the Headteacher & Operational Lead



Miss Julie Fenner – Associate Assistant Headteacher, Literacy and Curriculum


Mrs Emma Kirby – Associate Assistant Headteacher, QA Curriculum KS3


Mr Chris Lee – Associate Assistant Headteacher, QA Curriculum KS4


Mr Ian Trevarthen – Associate Assistant Headteacher, QA Curriculum KS5


Mrs Sarah Webber – Associate Assistant Headteacher, PSHE/Personal Development/CE 


Post 16

Miss Danielle Jolosa – Head of Sixth Form

Mr Phil Milton - Deputy Head of Sixth Form



Subject Faculty Leads


Miss Julie Fenner – Faculty Lead for English

Mrs Delydd Briscoe – Faculty Lead for Mathematics

Mr Chris Lee, Faculty Lead for Science

Mrs Emma Kirby – Faculty Lead for Modern Foreign Languages

Mr Gareth Keel – Faculty Lead for Humanities/Head of History

Mrs Rachel Gittoes – Faculty Lead for Arts / Head of Music

Mrs Sam Hucker – Faculty Lead for Technology

Miss Melanie Greaves – Faculty Lead for Physical Education

Mr Ian Trevarthen - Faculty Lead for Social Sciences

Second in Faculty

Miss Chloe James - Second in English

Mr Tom Zelenka / Miss Katie Aldridge - Second in Maths

Mrs Annemarie Cubbin - Second in Science 

Mr Lee Masters – Second in MFL

Mr Nicholas Trowbridge - Second in Humanities


Mrs Victoria (Tori) Hicks – Second in Technology



Pastoral Team

Heads of Year

Miss Naomi Wood, Head of Year 7


Mrs Sarah Jones, (Acting) Head of Year 8


Mr Sam Blackwell, Head of Year 9


Mr Ben Donlin, (Acting) Head of Year 10


Mrs Sarah Watkins, (Acting) Head of Year 11


Student Support Assistants

Miss Bethan Webb (Year 7)


Mrs Mandy Moon (Year 8)

Mr Ben Clark (Year 9) 


Miss Sophie Lewis (Year 10)


 Mr Sam Cox (Year 11) 

Special Educational Needs

Mrs Alison Carmody, SENCO

Mrs Jane Harris, Assistant SENCO

Mrs Colette Garland, Administrator




Mr Kieran Mogford, Assistant Headteacher, Safeguarding Lead

Mr Dan Blishen, Deputy Safeguarding Lead


Mrs Stacey Gwynn, Assistant Designated Safeguarding Lead



Miss Brooke Hamblin, Assistant Designated Safeguarding Lead 


See more on our dedicated safeguarding page