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School Lunches

The dining hall uses biometrics, so you can add money onto your childs’ account which is stored against their fingerprint data or pin number.

Students simply choose their food and scan their finger to pay so they never have to worry about forgetting their dinner money again. 

Taylor Shaw is the company chosen by your school to provide the meal service. They specialise in providing catering to schools and colleges across the country.

The food children eat at school plays an important role in their wellbeing, and eating a well balanced diet will not only maintain and improve their health, but will also set them on the right track for later life. We understand this and that’s why we are passionate about serving fresh, high quality and locally sourced food that is cooked in our kitchen.

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Lots of choice

Taylor Shaw have a fantastic range to choose from and make sure that a variety of food that children like and want to eat is served.

It’s not all about eating vegetables and fruit - although we do make sure we get our balance right!

Please click here to see our current menus:

Week One Menu - May 2021

Week Two Menu - May 2021

Week Three Menu - May 2021

POD menu - Week 1 - May 2021

POD Menu - Week 2 - May 2021

POD Menu - Week 3 - May 2021

Break Time Menu - May 2021


Responsible catering

Taylor Shaw take their responsibility for catering for today’s children and young adults seriously. All dishes are prepared on the day using quality, fresh and seasonal ingredients that are responsibly sourced.

As well as ensuring the food on the plate is healthy, they students to understand the importance of eating the right foods and help them with their food and nutrition journey.

Special diets and food allergens

School lunches can be enjoyed if you have a special diet. We can provide food for those with an intolerance, an allergy, or require an alternative choice due to religious beliefs.

Legislation requires caterers to provide allergen information on food sold that is served ‘unpackaged’. Taylor Shaw already cater for lots of children with allergies and regularly check the information from suppliers to see if there have been any ingredient changes. It is still important that families talk to us so we can work together and continue to provide meals that are safe for students to eat.

Great value for money

There are a range of meal deals on offer every day to suit different budgets.

Whether students want a hot meal or something to just grab and go, there will be an option available.  Taylor Shaw also run a range of guest offers and special theme days to create a buzz in the dining room.

Get in touch

Taylor Shaw are experts in school catering and have years of experience when it comes to school food.

If you have any questions about our service, or any special dietary requirements - please get in touch.

The system we use incorporates the latest technology and eliminates the need for money to be sent in with students and allows top up payments to be made directly utilising the school’s current internet payment system. Parents will also be able to see what has been purchased via the on-line payment system. As it will be a biometric system which recognises the thumb/finger of the student at the revaluation pay points and at the tills. There will be a daily ‘spend limit’ programmed into the system of £4.00 though this can be increased or decreased to a value set by parents for their child.

Free School Meals

You are eligible for Free School Meals if you receive: 

  • Income support
  • Job Seekers Allowance (Income Based – not Contribution Based)
  • Child Tax Credit, but are not entitled to Working Tax Credit and your annual income (as assessed by the Inland Revenue) does not exceed £16,190
  • Support under part VI of the Immigration & Asylum Act 1999
  • The ‘Guaranteed Element’ of Pension Credit  

Free School Meals means that your son or daughter will get a free meal to the value of £2.25 every day, the allowance is credited to their account by 11:30am.

It also means that we get extra money for the school to support your son or daughter’s learning, progress and achievement. 

Click here to apply:

Free School Meals Application Form

You can also find out more and download an application form from the South Gloucestershire Council website at

Simply type ‘Free School Meals’ into the search bar at the top of the home page or by ringing their contact centre on 01454 868008.