Winterbourne Academy

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Vision and Values

The culture and ethos of the Academy has a strong emphasis on providing an excellent learning environment and empowering all to excel.

Our culture is based on five words:


We want everyone to be polite, treat others with respect and show manners to create a friendly, warm learning environment.


We want everyone to build inner strength so that they are persistent and determined in their goals and can overcome mistakes and setbacks.


We want everyone to be honest and honourable, to build a strong sense of character and moral compass that can direct them through life.


We want everyone to build the capacity for self-discipline, self-control and mastery; this comes from being able to reflect on successes and failures and learn from every experience.


We want everyone to develop aspirations and dedication so that they can find focus and energy in all their endeavours.

We believe that by teaching, modelling and expecting these values explicitly they will become the cornerstone of the Academy’s vision and allow students to flourish.